Impressive Investment Opportunity Available in Kenya’s Blue Economy

The Green Bond Program – Kenya (GBPK) partners in collaboration with WWF-Kenya held a joint key side event with the International Institute for Environment (IIED) and the Association of Kenya Fish Processors and Exporters (AFIPEK) at the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference this month in Nairobi. Themed “Innovative financing to transition to an in inclusive Green and Blue Economy” the forum was attended by key players from the financial services sector. Lack of capital remains a critical impediment in stimulating the growth of Kenya’s green and blue economy. Millions of livelihoods stand to be elevated through exploiting the opportunities available in Kenya’s fishery and aquaculture industry.

Green Bonds Programme Kenya – Annual report 2017/18

Kenya Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP) 2016–2030 has committed to investing $23.5 billion in Kenya’s green growth path. Moreover, investor demand for green bonds is getting stronger globally due to increasing evidence that “green” factors have a positive impact on long-term financial returns. The Green Bonds Programme Kenya (GBPK) was launched in March 2017 with the aim of catalysing the market for green bonds. Working together on this programme all partners recognise the outcomes will be larger and more sustainable – leading to a green economy for Kenya’s future generations. Following the foundations laid by the Green Bonds Programme Kenya, the National Treasury has i

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