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Engagement Meeting with Members of Parliament on Green Bonds

Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) in conjunction with Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) convened a briefing meeting on the Green Bond Program with the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. KBA and NSE are seeking support and incentives for banks that invest in the green economy. The Green Bond Program Kenya partners: KBA; NSE; FSD Africa; FMO - Dutch Development Bank; and Climate Bonds Initiative have been working towards stimulating the rise of a Green Bonds Market in Kenya. During the meeting, the vice chair of the committee, Ms. Abdi Noor reiterated the committee’s stand towards encouraging environmental sustainability in their constituencies and at the national level. KBA CEO, Dr. Habil Olaka and NSE CEO, Mr. Geoffrey Odundo gave remarks during the meeting and highlighted the opportunities that are there in supporting Kenya’s green economy agenda. KBA Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Ms. Nuru Mugambi gave a comprehensive overview of the Green Bond Program and highlighted the gains made globally. She also emphasised how Kenya can show leadership in spearheading the rise of a Green Bonds Market in Kenya and spur the same in the East African region.

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